London based, Carys explores abstract concepts of science in visual form and places it in conjunction with artistic interpretation. Her work takes a primary focus on collage which inspires painting and installation to transform spaces.

She communicates how boundaries are of the imagination and uses various mediums to layer and re-imagine what is familiar. Edges aren't intended to be definitive to encourage thought beyond what you see. Aware of the language and dialogue between the art and the viewer, Carys creates pieces which have their own voice while leaving room for the viewer to consider the conversation.

Carys developed her artistic practice having first studied design which has influenced her approach to art. She re-engaged with fine arts in 2008 which has continued since. Inspiration for Carys is drawn from a wealth of different practices, from poetry to science and from music to industrial design. Her belief is that art has the ability to offer new ways of communication.

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A key element to Carys's work is mixing colours. Only using the primary blue, red and yellow, black and white, Carys creates unique colours for each work based on colour theory.

Mainly working on canvas to draw and paint, Carys has previously created 3D installations. Creating images to fit a 3-dimensional space completes the creative process in full circle.


Born in Cardiff and studied up until the age of 18 through the Welsh Language, Carys then started an Arts Foundation course before attending a few years at the Falmouth College of Arts. Carys completed her Fine Art degree at the University of Gloucestershire which taught observation and drawing skills complementing a self-study studio practice.

Carys now works for an insurance company in London.

Carys plays the piano and violin, and is a member of a local amateur symphony orchestra. From the age of 6, both instruments were particularly influential to Carys' learning and development and notably inspires some of her artwork.

Previous Exhibitions

2011 Final Graduation Exhibition, Cheltenham, UK

2010 Hans Brinker, Amsterdam, Holland