Evaporating Sounds is a series of drawings that portray something which is familiar yet also unknown, retaining an ambiguous nature.

The idea of the collection of work is an attempt to capture what's felt in music. Once a sound has ended resonating it no longer exists, almost as if it has evaporated into another atmosphere. The emotion that the sounds create become a memory. The pieces in this collection are created as music plays and the medium is placed, moved and erased until what's left are atmospheric imprints of the sounds.

This series of work has initiated a question and deeper understanding of the neurological process of music both from a practical, playing perspective and a recreational, listening vantage.
Listening to music is a creative and emotional process typically associated with the right side of the brain.
Playing an instrument is more logical, following notes, counting beats, reading annotations prescribed by the composer, which would activate the left side of the brain.
But, fundamentally, composing a score of music which create the sounds is a combination of understanding creativity while following logic of harmony and rhythm which involves both the right and left brain. What is a logical process communicates something deeply emotive.