Helium Balloon is a collection of collages created from labels, ribbons and packages kept from various purchases during the year.

Each piece is considered for the natural qualities it offers, such as its colour(s), the hole-punches in the card, or the patterns it carries, before placing structurally alongside another piece. The way in which the pieces influence each other is the main consideration to the final structure. The labels are layered in a way to sensor any words or literature making the final piece anonymous.

The conclusive piece is a subtle, geometric abstraction of bold colours, elementary shapes, and patterns.

'Helium Balloon' is a deceptive title for the body of work. 'Helium Balloon' encompasses a metaphor of containing something which, owing to its natural properties, will inevitably escape. The title for this collection came from seeing a helium balloon being carried through town in a plastic bag and how redundant the substance became, almost an act of over-protection whilst limiting its energies.

Possibly, the title for this collection of work doesn't quite fit exactly but positions a question of natural qualities and surroundings. The idea is carried forward in the Natural States collection.